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Contemporary Sculpture 2021
New Concept 2021
Courtyard Sculpture
river front design
Helix Concept with Sphere View 1
torque_corp copy.jpg
Mirror Polished Stainless Concept
New Sculpture Design 3
Enchantment Concept
Modern Sculpture Design
Yellow sculptrue
contemporary concept 3
Courtyard Sculpture
Kinetic Model
NYC water feature 3
zen concept
on edge.jpg
ford-motors copy.jpg
figure 2 root.jpg
contemporary sculpture concept
helix concept_heartproposal copy.jpg
water feature.jpg
new mobius.jpg
NYC water feature
Geo sculpture concept with printed metal finish.jpg
Geo Table Concept.jpg
water feature concept .jpg
hans 4.jpg
Twisted sculpture concept.jpg
Immunity Sculpture Concept
Innovative Sculpture Monumental Concept
Innovative Mall Sculpture Concept
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