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With emphasis on movement, elegance, space-activation and balance, Hunter Brown’s sculptures explore the potential for expressive variety in steel. His sinuous designs with organic volumes gracefully move through space with gravity defying joinery and beautiful interaction with the adjacent forms.

Major viewing points, interaction with the space, and architectural facades are just a few examples of the parameters Brown uses and considers through the design process. Each of Brown’s designs are modeled digitally using the space as the canvas.


Brown fabricates his designs in his Little Rock, Arkansas-based studio. His craftsmanship and attention to detail is comparable to some of the greats in the public art world in both form and finish, while his ambitious designs push boundaries in the monumental format. All of Browns designs are created using marine grade stainless steel and are engineered to withstand the elements with minimal maintenance.


Brown’s volumetric abstractions and geometric combinations demonstrate his artistic inheritance from living master, Hans Van De Bovenkamp, Alexander Calder, and other twentieth century modernist sculpture.

Hunter Brown preparing sculpture for paint.
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