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Hunter Brown standing next to his sculpture at an

Brown grew up in a small town outside of Little Rock, Arkansas.Brown received his higher education from the University of Central Arkansas where he acquired a Bachelor in Art. During his time at the University of Central Arkansas his emphasis transitioned from graphic design to sculpture, where he found great satisfaction in bringing his designs into space and working with his hands through several sculpture courses. 


After graduating, Brown built a design and sculpture studio, where he would continue to explore with sculptural forms in metal. Today, Brown is the owner and operator of Innovative Sculpture Design Studio where he creates fine art full time. 


Through the first years of business Brown created works and traveled the country participating in art shows to gain recognition and to grow his name in the art world. As time progressed and he began to gain recognition, he transitioned into monumental format sculpture works and site-specific design. In 10 years of creating, his works can now be found in private, commercial, and public art collections in over 25 states and 3 countries.


Brown continues to push outside the box by working with collectors and curators to create innovative design solutions that make a statement, have great impact and function within the parameters and aesthetic of the space.

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