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The 20th Anniversary Public Art Project Awarded to Arkansas Sculptor, Hunter Brown.

I was approached back in June of 2018 by Taylor Welch, the President of the Public Art Committee for Hamilton, Ohio about the cities 20th anniversary public art project. He had came across my work while searching for sculptors online and requested that I submit a proposal for the project. He mentioned the project would be one of there largest installations and they wanted a piece with great scale and impact.

Naturally I was very excited to be considered for a public art project of this magnitude, so I went straight to the drawing board and began working on designs for my proposal. The request for proposal only called for a maximum of two design but I had so many designs I was excited about, it was tough to narrow it down to just three. So I submitted an in depth proposal for all three in October of 2018.

After a long wait I received news that I had been awarded the project. They had narrowed it down to two designs, both of which were mine. After a final board meeting the committee selected the Embrace design. The design is of two stainless steel forms twisting around one another and linking together at the top. At a scale of 25' high the piece will become a landmark in the city of Hamilton, Ohio.

The construction is scheduled to begin in May of 2019 and will be installed in April of 2020. I'm excited to take on another project in the monumental format as I love creating large works and the visual impact that they possess. Stay tuned for upcoming blog post sharing the fabrication process.

An article written by Mike Rutledge for Journal News about the project can be viewed in the link below.

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