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Elephant Dreams' A Modern Sculpture by Hunter Brown

Modern stainless steel sculpture in the gallery.

Elephant Dreams' is 1 of 2 designs selected for commission by a collector in Del Ray Beach, Florida. I was contacted regarding the commission a few months ago about creating a piece for the clients botanical garden. After submitting a series of concept designs for the clients review he elected to purchase two of the designs.

Elephant Dreams stands 8'6" tall and is constructed in marine grade stainless steel. I typically use 316 grade stainless for all of my works because of the materials resilience in the elements. This is especially necessary in tropical environments such as South Florida, due to the harsh sun and salt air. The piece is also coated with a protective coating product called PermaClear. The PermaClear product is great with brushed finishes such as the finish used on Elephant Dreams'. It protects the surface from dirt and salt, helping to maintain the original luster.

This particular design was more challenging that it may seem due to the delicate joinery at the base. I wanted the piece to appear to have tremendous balance. In order to get this look, interior reinforcement had to be welded inside the base and the bottom form in order for the piece to remain secure and stable in high winds.

I'm excited about the finished product and I'm eager for the install next month once the 2nd piece is complete. Stay tuned for updates on the 2nd piece and for installation photos in the garden.

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