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UAMS TOSH Sculpture
Solidarity Dusk
Solidarity lighting
Asclepius sculpture
MLK Square Sculpture
MLK Sculpture Lighting
Innovation Tower Sculpture
Advent Health Sculpture
Aqua Dimensions Water Feature
Pragma Sculpture
lifeblood 2
Life Blood
Stellar at the Pointe North Hills
Stellar Sculpture
Helios 2021l
Take-Off' Southlake Texas
Take-Off 7
Reciprocity Sculpture
Reciprocity Sunset 2
Embrace Sculpture
Contemporary Public Sculpture
Monumental Roundabout Sculpture
Monumental Contemporary Sculpture
New design 2022
Konstruktorska Business Center
Salute Sculpture
Moon Wave
Flux Brandy Edition
Paleo III
Interior Courtyard Sculpture
Large Mobius Sculpture
New Design 2021-4
Large Amethyst Geode Sculpture
geode sculpture
Harmony Sculpture
Astronaut Sculpture
Paleo II-contemporary-stainless-steel-sc
Polished Stainless Steel Sculpture
Polished Sculpture
Soul-Tie Polished Sculpture
Monumental Stainless Steel Sculpture
monumental plaza sculpture
Setting Sail Sculpture
Contemporary Stainless Steel Sculpture
Modern Abstract Sculpture
Contemporary Bronze Sculpture
Contemporary Garden Sculpture
sugarhill crosses
Modern Garden Sculpture
Essence Sculpture
Modern Entry Sculpture
Mobius Sculpture
Mirror Polished Sculpture
Contemporary Sculpture Installation
Contemporary Metal Sculpture
man vs nature
Wall Sculpture
Art Deco Table
Contemporary Table
Modern Table

Innovative Sculpture Design is delighted to introduce an extensive selection of modern and contemporary sculptures. Whether you are looking for a small interior piece of sculpture, a large outdoor garden sculpture for your home or business, or a monumental sculpture to place in a corporate or public setting, we have you covered. Sculpture artist Hunter Brown specializes in site-specific sculpture design and fabrication. If you don't see the perfect piece for your space don't hesitate to contact us about your project. We will work with you to create a design solution that will meet the needs of your space.

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